Easy worldwide finance for travelers

Changepoint orients safe and easy cashless payment in travel. For the first step, we offer kiosk service to exchange foreign coins after the travel.

– Awarded grand prize(Minister prize) in Testbed Korea AI industry intellectualization competition.

– Designated as a (pre) Social Enterprise

– Selected as NH Bank’s NH Digital challenge+ 4th

– Venture business certified

– Selected for initial foundation package program by Mistry of SMEs and Start-ups

– Selected as NH Bank’s NH Digital challenge+ 3rd
– Selected for Jeonbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center’s
– Selected for Songpa District’s successful social economy model nurturing project
– Registration as self currency exchange service provider and online currency exchange service provider

– Installed at Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal Arrivals Hall
– Patent registered for P2P currency exchange system

– Manufactured 6 self-serviced exchange kiosks

– Selected as KFTC’s open banking licensee
– Selected for Korea Fintech Center’s security support business

– Selected for online manufacturing service support project by Institute of Design Promotion Agency
– Selected for Songpa-gu Social Economy Center support project

– Development of self-serviced exchange kiosk prototype
– Agreement signed with ChildFund, Good Neighbors, WWF
– participated in SKY EXPO exhibit

– Self-serviced kiosk SW development completed

– Incorporation, moved to ICT Youth Youth Startup center
– Self-serviced exchange kiosk development completed

– Pre-warranty approval byTechnology Guarantee Fund
– ‘changepoint’ trademark rights applied

– Selected for Incheon Int’l Airport’s travel startup nurturing project

– Development of HW with Ateam Ventures started
– Patent applied for P2P exchange system

– Development of recognizer for multiple nations’ coins
– Patent applied for unmanned currency exchange device

– Self-serviced exchange kiosk inner structure design completed
– UI/UX design completed

– Selected for Ministry of SME’s and Startups’ tech innovation startup support project

Dong Hyeon Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Dong Hyeon graduated from Hufs(Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) in Russian. After working for global transportation, trading, bidding, he resigned for his “Dream Job”. He was going through global construction bidding, Korean culture education contents making, instructor, Jewelry import. He participated in CSV model to redistribute inventories. In 2019, he founded Changepoint which reduces social cost by recirculating foreign coins.

Ju Wan Seo

Engineering Designer

Ju wan graduated from Seoul Robot High School because he was interested in manufacturing and robot assembly since he was young. During high school years he acquired certifications and participated in related educations to grow up an expert in manufacturing. He entered Changepoint to provide convenience for those who feel burdensome to handle minor things. He is taking part of machine manufacturing. He spends most of the time in laboratory rather than office.

Min Woo Park

Software Engineer

Min Woo graduated from Soongsil Univ in computer science. He participated in project which prevents illegal horse racing in Korean Racing Association. He dreamed of making the service which offers conveniences for general users. Thus, he was attracted to Changepoint’s new service model which provides a new experience to travelers. He enjoys to read, travel and watch baseball.

Bo Hyun Kim

UI/UX Designer & Web publisher

Bo Hyun studied programming during her high school years. She worked as a programmer after she graduated. But she resigned to become a designer. She was interested in Changepoint because of the vision and the goal of Changepoint. Her hobby is movie watching. She loves to make and draw something with hands.

Yoon Sung Lee

Overseas Sales

Yoon Sung graduated from Hufs and majored both in Japanese and economics. He studied English for a long time and lived in Japan as an exchange student. He worked in cosmetic and food sales department. He participated in Changepoint to offer a new kind of service in English and Japanese. His dream is to try variety of sushi omakase. He adopted a cat last year.

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