Coin Exchanger app launched

Deposit bills and coins of 16 countries to your bank account!
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Coin Exchanger introduction

Way to use Coin Exchanger service

Sign up for exchange in the Coin Exchanger app

In the Coin Exchanger app, press ‘01 sign up’ button for exchange.
Follow the next steps and complete the sign-up process.

Visit our Coin Exchanger cashbox with the coins and bills to exchange.

Bring the coins and bills to exchange and visit our cashbox.

Register QR code attached on the envelop

Visit the Coin Exchanger cashbox and pull out the envelop in the cashbox.
Press ’02 send the coins’ button and register QR code attached on the envelop.

After registering QR code on the envelop,
insert coins and seal the envelop.

※ The envelop might be ripped if too many coins are inserted.
Please insert the coins below the printed line.

Put the envelop in the Coin Exchanger Cashbox!

After all the process is completed, inserted amount will be deposited to your bank account in 5 days.

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